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MENA Talks Podcast


In MENA Talks, MENA Student Association aims to shed light on topics concerning the MENA region and countries. In this first series “MENA Talks: Achter de Schermen bij het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (BUZA)”, MENA Student Association discusses the role of the Netherlands in the MENA region with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The episodes of this particular series aim to shed light on the MENA region from a Dutch political perspective.

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Sweet Talks


In Sweet Talks, MENA Student Association brings together members of its community to discuss various topics. These topics may range from historical topics to personal experiences to difficulties that members of our community may experience. Through this series, we aim to provide a platform for our community in a safe, non-sectarian and progressive space for the wider MENA diaspora. Each episode addresses a theme from multiple perspectives.

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